Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike Review

Lifecore LC-950One of the best exercise bikes out there. The Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike stands on the shoulder of giants, it is a model that is born from years of excellence from Lifecore that with this model delivers a great performance at an affordable price.

It has great quality and a pack of features that impresses. If you do not want to spend too much money in your exercise bike and still get some features that high end bikes have, then this is the model for you.

Excellent Bike, Great Buy

The Lifecore LC-950 has a beautiful 2 color LCD display that provides you with updates on your time, distance, calories burned and temperature, not that the temperature matters that much, but it is a nice touch on the console stats. You can also choose from 12 preset programs that are easy to follow and get you in shape in no time, as long as you use them regularly.

It has a feature called the Quick Key that allows you to change the program very easily with a touch in these keys. The comfort features do not end here, it has a patent pending Ergo Flex Mesh Seat, it was ergonomically designed to support your back and make you even more comfortable as you ride this bike.

The seat also looks like a fancy office chair and allows you to adjust it in different ways, the inclination, vertically and horizontally, so that different users with different heights may feel the most comfortably possible. You also have contact heart rate sensors on the handle bars and a power cord that can be plugged in the back and front.

Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike at a Glance…


  1. Great Comfortable Seat
  2. Pack of Features
  3. Quick Key Programs


  1. Expensive

This is a great bike, yes it is expensive, but look at everything that you get from it. There are great features that increase not only the comfort but also the performance of this exercise bike. If you can afford this bike, just by it, you won’t regret it.