Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3 Indoor CycleKeiser M3 is a very well designed and beats any competitor that comes close to it. It has a unique magnetic resistance system that is smooth and silent. Plus all the features that you can possibly look for great equipment like this.

The only thing that may be counted against this spin bike is the fact that the bike computer is only optional, meaning that you’d have to pay on top of the fat price tag that comes with it already. Considering that this type of bike isn’t really that much effective without any points of reference while working out, the computer should be there standard.


  • Dimensions- 49’’ L x 26’’ W x 45’’ H
  • Resistance- Unique magnetic system
  • Weight- 85 pounds
  • Warranty- 3 years frame, 6 months parts
  • Max user weight- 300 pounds

Beyond imagination

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is the newest model of Keiser and it stretches the limits of imagination for this type of equipments. It is exceptional, expensive and fit for professionals and someone that will really know how to take advantage of the machine, otherwise it is just to buy and brag about it.

It has a unique magnetic resistance system. Two magnetic discs are about ¼ of an inch on either side of the fly wheel, as the magnetic resistance lever is moved, the discs move from the fly wheel and increase the resistance, all in a quiet and smooth process.

Since there is no contact, there is no wear down of the resistance system and the adjustments are so small that it allows an almost infinite number of possible levels of resistance that fit any user and can go from warm up to hardcore resistance.

It is a beautiful design and great equipment, too bad it is a bit expensive going above the $1000 mark. The warranty only covers 6months for wearable parts like the pedal cage, pedal strap or saddle upholstery, for what you pay there should be a better warranty coverage.

Everything on this bike is quality tested and the bikes are made to order by Keiser. It is easy to use and needs almost no maintenance, as a whole it is built to last decades and is wear resistant. It is quiet, silence quiet and perfect for indoor exercises, with a convenient bottle holder. Unfortunately the this is one of the most expensive spin bikes and may be fit only for gyms.


  1. Unique magnetic resistance
  2. No maintenance needed


  1. Weak warranty

Keiser is a great spinning bike, with a great design and thought out to be at the top of the class for this type of equipment.