Exercise equipment review: spin bikes

spin bike reviewsIn this short exercise equipment review we shall take a look in what are the alternatives when shopping for a good spin bike. First off, there are the MultiSports spin bikes. These offer models that sport flywheels from 45 lbs. to 66 lbs. for both home and commercial use. They come built in heavy duty steel frames which make them ultra-durable in the long haul. The Spinner series by Startrac offer another interesting alternative. These spinners are characterized by a beautiful stainless steel design. They’re equipped with ergonomic features and all the capabilities of real road bikes. These two manufacturers seem to have the biggest selection of spin bikes, however other stationary bike companies have also manufactured specific models that carry all the requisites of a spinner.

The Monark 736 Freewheel Energy Cycle comes with a 48 lbs. balanced flywheel and a progressive as well as emergency brake system. The unique feature of this bike is that you can turn on and off the free wheeling to fit your style. The Endura Indoor Cycle is a commercially built spin bike with a heavy duty 51 Lb. Flywheel and a fully adjustable seat for you to ride at the rhythm of your favorite techno music. Another option is the Swedish made Monark 736 freewheel Energy Cycle that comes with a 48 lb. flywheel and a stable frame supported by a solid steel tube. When shopping for a spin bike, the most important feature you should look for is the best durability that fits your needs.

Bring the reality of outdoor cycling indoors by using upright stationary bikes

People want to own upright stationary bikes principally because they emulate the outdoors biking experience most perfectly. A recumbent bike is good for the back, but if you don’t have a weak back then this is of no concern and recumbents loose their advantage. An upright bike is perfect for the seasoned biker that can’t exercise outside because of weather or other related problems. In the winter season, an up right bike can be especially useful, because you can continue your training without being interrupted by Mother Nature. And the more you can make your indoors simulated biking appear to be like if you where exercising outdoors the better. This is why maybe a spinning bike can be even better than an upright bike.

There are subtle features that make a spinning bike identifiable. First of all it’s got the right pedals for you to clip on your biking shoes. The intensity lever is pretty much the same as the knob you would find in any bike. The resistance system is usually made up of a high quality Poly-V belt in contrast to what you would expect to find in a magnetically resistant system as found in exercise bikes. A spinning bike can get considerably more expensive than a normal upright fitness bike because it’s made to last longer and boasts a sturdier higher quality frame.