Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Training Cycle

Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Training CycleDesigned to very comfortably sustain heavy-duty use, the Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Training Cycle is often considered as one of the most professional spin cycles on the market. Favored by professional athletes during training session, this model is aptly equipped with an extended range of features that will help you very easily attain your fitness goals. From the weighted flywheel to the performance monitor, this particular machine is extremely easy to use. By this token, it can easily be used by experienced and inexperienced users alike. In fact, the boxed packaging also includes an illustrated instructions booklet to help you find your way around the professional-grade features.

With this cycle, you will be able to easily enjoy all the benefits of a challenging spin workout. For instance, athletes can expect a deficit of around 1200 calories on high intensity or around 900 to 1000 on moderate. Spinning has also been shown to provide athletes with a plethora of other benefits such as an improved cardiovascular and lung function. Best of all, the machine doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and can very easily last for life with the proper care and maintenance. Priced between $600 and $700, the cycle does provides excellent value for money.

Product Features and Specifications

The Bladez spin cycle is equipped with a flywheel that’s at least 9 pounds heavier than flywheels found on lower-quality models. This closely simulates the sensation of outdoors biking- something that will certainly please avid fans of cycling. The weighted flywheel also engages all the major muscle groups of your figure into the movements, with quite a lot of emphasis on problem areas like the waist, thighs, abdomen, glutes and the likes. Since it also allows you to stand up and train, you will also be able to train your calves or ankles.

With the Bladez spinning bike, users can also benefit from an LCD screen that’s large enough to be viewed from a distance, which mean that you won’t have to strain your back to view your fitness-related readouts. These include, but are not limited to, the number of calories that you’ve burned, your biking speed, total time elapsed and distance covered. This option has been shown to be extremely handy to serious athletes since it will allow you to decide how much effort you’ll need to meet your fitness goals. The indoor training cycle also boasts of a top-down resistance and braking system to provide a challenging resistance during your exercise session. Consequently, this enables users to work on their metabolism and stamina, hence building up enough strength to gradually elongate their exercise session.

Comfort and ease of use are the key aspects to look for when you’re purchasing an exercise machine: fortunately enough, this particular model is brimming with everything that you’ll need to make your training more comfortable. For example, it features a micro adjustable seat that automatically molds to your body shape, hence providing you with enough comfort to add several extra minutes to your training session. Since the saddle is foam-padded, you’ll easily be able to avoid conditions such as saddle soreness after your workout. The seat is also vertically adjusted to help you find the best exercise position. By this token, the cycle can even be used by elderly users who can’t climb on taller machines.

In spite of its fairly affordable price, the Bladez spinning bike is equipped with micro adjustable racing-style handlebars. Therefore, users can vertically or horizontally adjust the handlebars which will prevent you from overexerting your muscles.

Bladez LCDThe training cycle also features fully-padded handlebars to limit the risks of accidents if your fingers get slippery. Users who wear larger-than-average shoe sizes will also be glad to learn that the pedals are wide enough to sustain various sizes. They’re also equipped with firm straps that will keep your ankles securely into place. The spin bike even comes with a water bottle holder that prevents or completely eliminates the risks of dehydration.

This machine comes in detachable parts, which means that you will have to set up the bike by yourself. However, this step is much easier than it sounds: for instance, users will receive a detailed booklet to guide them through the assembly process. Athletes will also receive a variety of tools and accessories designed to simplify this step. These include several types of screws and screwdrivers, Allen keys, knobs and bolts.

Final Verdict

Quite a few users have claimed to have had an experienced quite a drastic weight loss with this machine. Guaranteed to help you adopt a healthier lifestyle, this spin bike is also exceptionally easy to operate, even if you’ve never used an indoor exercise machine before. The Bladez Fitness Master Indoor Training Cycle weighs 105 pounds and is protected by a limited warranty of 5 years on the frame, 90 days on labor and 1 year on the parts.

Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike Review

Lifecore LC-950One of the best exercise bikes out there. The Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike stands on the shoulder of giants, it is a model that is born from years of excellence from Lifecore that with this model delivers a great performance at an affordable price.

It has great quality and a pack of features that impresses. If you do not want to spend too much money in your exercise bike and still get some features that high end bikes have, then this is the model for you.

Excellent Bike, Great Buy

The Lifecore LC-950 has a beautiful 2 color LCD display that provides you with updates on your time, distance, calories burned and temperature, not that the temperature matters that much, but it is a nice touch on the console stats. You can also choose from 12 preset programs that are easy to follow and get you in shape in no time, as long as you use them regularly.

It has a feature called the Quick Key that allows you to change the program very easily with a touch in these keys. The comfort features do not end here, it has a patent pending Ergo Flex Mesh Seat, it was ergonomically designed to support your back and make you even more comfortable as you ride this bike.

The seat also looks like a fancy office chair and allows you to adjust it in different ways, the inclination, vertically and horizontally, so that different users with different heights may feel the most comfortably possible. You also have contact heart rate sensors on the handle bars and a power cord that can be plugged in the back and front.

Lifecore LC-950 Exercise Bike at a Glance…


  1. Great Comfortable Seat
  2. Pack of Features
  3. Quick Key Programs


  1. Expensive

This is a great bike, yes it is expensive, but look at everything that you get from it. There are great features that increase not only the comfort but also the performance of this exercise bike. If you can afford this bike, just by it, you won’t regret it.

Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle

Keiser M3 Indoor CycleKeiser M3 is a very well designed and beats any competitor that comes close to it. It has a unique magnetic resistance system that is smooth and silent. Plus all the features that you can possibly look for great equipment like this.

The only thing that may be counted against this spin bike is the fact that the bike computer is only optional, meaning that you’d have to pay on top of the fat price tag that comes with it already. Considering that this type of bike isn’t really that much effective without any points of reference while working out, the computer should be there standard.


  • Dimensions- 49’’ L x 26’’ W x 45’’ H
  • Resistance- Unique magnetic system
  • Weight- 85 pounds
  • Warranty- 3 years frame, 6 months parts
  • Max user weight- 300 pounds

Beyond imagination

The Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle is the newest model of Keiser and it stretches the limits of imagination for this type of equipments. It is exceptional, expensive and fit for professionals and someone that will really know how to take advantage of the machine, otherwise it is just to buy and brag about it.

It has a unique magnetic resistance system. Two magnetic discs are about ¼ of an inch on either side of the fly wheel, as the magnetic resistance lever is moved, the discs move from the fly wheel and increase the resistance, all in a quiet and smooth process.

Since there is no contact, there is no wear down of the resistance system and the adjustments are so small that it allows an almost infinite number of possible levels of resistance that fit any user and can go from warm up to hardcore resistance.

It is a beautiful design and great equipment, too bad it is a bit expensive going above the $1000 mark. The warranty only covers 6months for wearable parts like the pedal cage, pedal strap or saddle upholstery, for what you pay there should be a better warranty coverage.

Everything on this bike is quality tested and the bikes are made to order by Keiser. It is easy to use and needs almost no maintenance, as a whole it is built to last decades and is wear resistant. It is quiet, silence quiet and perfect for indoor exercises, with a convenient bottle holder. Unfortunately the this is one of the most expensive spin bikes and may be fit only for gyms.


  1. Unique magnetic resistance
  2. No maintenance needed


  1. Weak warranty

Keiser is a great spinning bike, with a great design and thought out to be at the top of the class for this type of equipment.

Exercise equipment review: spin bikes

spin bike reviewsIn this short exercise equipment review we shall take a look in what are the alternatives when shopping for a good spin bike. First off, there are the MultiSports spin bikes. These offer models that sport flywheels from 45 lbs. to 66 lbs. for both home and commercial use. They come built in heavy duty steel frames which make them ultra-durable in the long haul. The Spinner series by Startrac offer another interesting alternative. These spinners are characterized by a beautiful stainless steel design. They’re equipped with ergonomic features and all the capabilities of real road bikes. These two manufacturers seem to have the biggest selection of spin bikes, however other stationary bike companies have also manufactured specific models that carry all the requisites of a spinner.

The Monark 736 Freewheel Energy Cycle comes with a 48 lbs. balanced flywheel and a progressive as well as emergency brake system. The unique feature of this bike is that you can turn on and off the free wheeling to fit your style. The Endura Indoor Cycle is a commercially built spin bike with a heavy duty 51 Lb. Flywheel and a fully adjustable seat for you to ride at the rhythm of your favorite techno music. Another option is the Swedish made Monark 736 freewheel Energy Cycle that comes with a 48 lb. flywheel and a stable frame supported by a solid steel tube. When shopping for a spin bike, the most important feature you should look for is the best durability that fits your needs.

Bring the reality of outdoor cycling indoors by using upright stationary bikes

People want to own upright stationary bikes principally because they emulate the outdoors biking experience most perfectly. A recumbent bike is good for the back, but if you don’t have a weak back then this is of no concern and recumbents loose their advantage. An upright bike is perfect for the seasoned biker that can’t exercise outside because of weather or other related problems. In the winter season, an up right bike can be especially useful, because you can continue your training without being interrupted by Mother Nature. And the more you can make your indoors simulated biking appear to be like if you where exercising outdoors the better. This is why maybe a spinning bike can be even better than an upright bike.

There are subtle features that make a spinning bike identifiable. First of all it’s got the right pedals for you to clip on your biking shoes. The intensity lever is pretty much the same as the knob you would find in any bike. The resistance system is usually made up of a high quality Poly-V belt in contrast to what you would expect to find in a magnetically resistant system as found in exercise bikes. A spinning bike can get considerably more expensive than a normal upright fitness bike because it’s made to last longer and boasts a sturdier higher quality frame.